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Is KN95 mask welding instable? Conprofe intelligent digital ultrasonic welding system will help you!

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In the face of the rapid outbreak of coVID-19 around the world, masks, protective clothing and other epidemic prevention supplies have become the world's primary equipment for epidemic prevention. During the outbreak, the production capacity of epidemic prevention supplies has risen sharply in China, and China has become a mask factory in the world. Facing the shortage of KN95 masks and other epidemic prevention supplies, many countries around the world have been trying their best to buy Chinese masks to meet the urgent needs.


The welding procedure of KN95 masks is more complicated than that of plane masks, including body making and embossing, valve element bore opening, ear loop welding, edge sealing and folding, etc. The complicated welding procedure brings many challenges to the production of KN95 masks, and the main problems are as follows

  • The low power of the ultrasonic generator leads to the poor welding of KN95 masks;

  • The frequency of the ultrasonic generator is required to be searched manually for many times, and the welding efficiency is low;

  • The continuous welding stability is poor;

  •  The welding head generates serious heat and has short life.


In view of the above welding difficulties, Conprofe ultrasonic welding system effectively replaces the traditional welding mode, greatly improves the production efficiency, and realizes the intelligent, efficient and stable production of KN95 masks:

  • Stable high frequency ultrasonic vibration outputs of 15KHz and 20KHz ensure welding quality;

  • The intelligent control ultrasonic welding mode of automatic frequency search and tracking ensures that the production efficiency of KN95 masks is greatly increased by 40%;

  • The high power output intelligent control ultrasonic generator is adjustable within 0-100%, realizing accurate and stable welding;

  • With strictly selected welding head material and special material processing technology, the life of welding head life is significantly increased.


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