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Great news! Anti-epidemic supplies production tool - ultrasonic welding system

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Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus–infected pneumonia, protective masks, protective clothing and other epidemic prevention supplies have become extremely scarce due to the soaring social demand. Outbreak is a command, outbreak is a call.

Conprofe Technology actively responded to the national call. Based on the accumulation in the application of ultrasonic processing technology, Conprofe Technology urgently organized resources to upgrade technology and resume production, and produced ultrasonic welding system specially used for masks and medical protective clothing, helping masks and medical protective clothing enterprises to efficiently produce and pull together to prevent and control the outbreak.


Ultrasonic welding system - Operating principle

o The ultrasonic generator converts the low frequency alternating current into the high frequency alternating current and converts the electric energy into the mechanical energy of the high frequency vibration through the transducer.

o Tens of thousands of high frequency vibrations are generated per second when the welding head acts on the contact surface of thermoplastic plastics.

o The high-frequency vibration transmits ultrasonic energy to the welding area through the upper weldment. In this area, friction occurs between the upper and lower weldments, resulting in local high temperature.

o After ultrasonic action, the pressure lasts for a few seconds to solidify and finalize the design, forming a strong molecular chain and realizing welding


Ultrasonic welding system - Technical parameters


Ultrasonic welding system - Product advantages

         Environmentally friendly

o No solvent, adhesive or other auxiliaries are required, being experimentally friendly.

o Safe in production.


o Automatic frequency search, automatic frequency tracking, no need for manual adjustment

o The ultrasonic amplitude is stepless adjustable from 0% to 100%, intelligently matching different product types.

o It can store more than 300 welding records.


o Replace manual welding

o Improve efficiency

o Reduce costs

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